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Master the roux, perfect your knife wielding, boost your business skills and help save the world.

The Associate in Science degree will prepare you for a career in the widely varied areas of the culinary industry. Our culinary program will provide you with a unique combination of comprehensive theoretical knowledge and hands-on training from some of the world’s best chefs.

Learn the fundamentals of culinary production in an environment that builds teamwork while gaining practical individualized experiences. Our courses cover nearly every aspect of the industry including food preparation and service, communication and leadership skills and sanitation. The Associate of Science degree, which is attainable in as little as 4 semesters, will allow you to pursue further education or begin working in the field immediately upon graduation.

Course Descriptions

  • FSS 1100 - Food Purchasing

    This is an introductory course in which students will learn the principles of foodservice purchasing. They will learn the practices involved in developing a menu, creating recipes, developing an ingredient list, and ordering. The principles of inventory and food cost will be covered as well as the flow of products through the purchasing cycle. Prerequisites: FSS 1200, 1202L. AS Degree credit only (3 hrs.)
  • FSS 1200 - Culinary Terminology and Procedures

    This is an introductory course in industry vocabulary, terminology, knowledge, skills, and practices. The students will learn standard kitchen phrases, how to identify and describe equipment, recipe reading, costing, conversion formulas, product identification, measurements and basic cooking procedures. Corequisite: FSS1202L. (3 hr. lecture)
  • FSS 1202L - Food Production 1

    This course is an introductory kitchen lab experience in which students will be provided hands-on orientation to tools, equipment, recipe production, measurements, knife cut techniques and basic cooking procedures. Students will practice classic cooking methods, product identification and the functions of the production kitchen in a "green" team environment. Co-requisite: FSS 1200. A.S. degree credit only. (3 hr. lab)

  • FSS 1204L - Food Production 2

    This is a lab course in which students will reinforce the skills that they learned in Production 1. Students will learn cooking methods, knife skills, and applied principles of cooking techniques. The course will emphasize portion control, work plans, and organization and production schedules. This course reviews stock and sauce making, explores modern cooking methods, the use of applicable equipment, and regional and nutritional cooking. Prerequisites: FSS1200, 1202L. ( 6 hr. lab )
  • FSS 2242C - International Cuisines

    This is an advanced course in which students will reinforce their knowledge of equipment, vocabulary and theories learned in prerequisite classes. Students will learn to use global ingredients, explore international cooking techniques and methods and be exposed to equipment specific to a world region. Students will have the opportunity to develop international menus and prepare dishes from many different countries. Prerequisites: FSS1200, 1202L, 1204L. (2 hr. lecture, 4 hr. lab)
  • FSS 1246C - Basic Baking

    This is an introductory course in which students will learn the fundamentals of baking science, terminology, equipment, ingredients, weights, measures formula conversion and storage. Students will learn the functions of various baking ingredients and execute baking recipes and competencies including doughs, breads, cookies, pies, puff pastries, sweet & savory pastry fillings, quickbreads, cakes and basic decorating techniques. Prerequisite FSS 1200, 1202L. A.S. degree credit only. (2 hr. lecture; 4 hr. lab)
  • FSS 1248C - Garde Manger

    This is an intermediate course in the preparation of foods from the "cold kitchen". Students will learn to prepare sausages, cheese, cured foods, terrines, hors d'oeuvres and cold soups and sandwiches. Students will also be exposed to carving and buffet layout. Production methods and safe food handling techniques are re-emphasized. Prerequisites: FSS1200, 1202L, 1204L. (2 hr. lecture, 4 hr. lab)
  • FSS 2205L - Food Production 3

    This capstone course will reinforce the skills learned in the prerequisite classes. Students will learn how to brew beer, pair wine and food, and review the distillation process for spirits through hands on experiences as well as practices in dining room management and tableside cooking. Knife skills, stock and sauce making, moist heat cooking methods, dry heat cooking methods and combination cooking methods will be reviewed on an advanced level. The student will review butchery, seafood and modern cooking methods. ( 6 hr. lab ) Pre-requisites: FSS1200, and FSS1202L, and FSS1204L, and FSS1242C, and FSS1246C, and FSS1248C.
  • FSS 2381L - Culinary Management Practicum

    This required practicum is designed to provide hands on culinary training through industry work experience. Students will be located in an approved site to reinforce their skills while being exposed to various stations in a food services operation. Students will learn to actively participate in various aspects of the operation including cooking, cost controls, and sanitation programs. Prerequisites: FSS2205L. (196 hr. Practicum)
  • FSS 2950L - Culinary Competition and Demonstration

    This advanced course will strengthen the student's ability to utilize various culinary methods learned in prerequisite courses. The student will learn about the American Culinary Federation certification tests, guidelines and competitions. In addition, students will utilize their skills by participating in on site and recorded demonstrations. The class will reinforce and develop timing, teamwork and menu development. Prerequisites: FSS1200, 1202L, 1204L, 1242C, 1248C. ( 6 hr. lab )

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